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Please tell us your name  
and your contact phone or email  

If you would like to tell us about something that happened, or something that one of our drivers did, please start by answering these six questions.
What route did this happen on ?
What time did this happen ?  
What day did this happen ?  
Where did this happen ?  
What bus did this happen on ?  
Drivers number was ? (see ticket)

Now tell us what happened.
The bus driver ...  

Now tell us anything else you want to tell us, or that you think we might need to know. If you are telling us about a bus that was early, please let us know below what time you arrived at the bus stop. If you are telling us about a bus that never arrived, tell us when you arrived at the stop and how long you waited.

Thank you very much for your time and your feedback. Click on the button below to send us your completed form, and return to the main page.

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